Mind Body SkIlls Groups

How will I benefit from joining a Mind-Body Skills group?

  • Learn to Manage Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Prevent Health Problems & Have Fewer Physical Symptoms
  • Develop Effective Skills for Stress Management/Personal growth.
  • Enhance Immune System Functioning
  • Increase Self-Awareness, Positive Perception of Life
  • Create Optimum Health & Enhance Well-Being 

Anyone can benefit from joining a Mind-Body Skills group including people who already practice some mind-body skills, those who have a particular life or health challenge, or those who want to become more self-aware. Groups are comprised of people of all ages and backgrounds.  

What happens in a Mind-Body Skills group?

In small groups, participants learn a series of powerful and effective research-based healing tools to help explore life changes, stress, and well-being in a supportive setting. We will meet weekly for 6-8 sessions, each time learning and practicing a new skill to reduce stress and live more fully.

Do I have to microdose to join a Micro-Mind-Body class?

These classes are for educational purposes only. While some people may choose to microdose psilocybin, this is not a requirement. No substances are offered. The laws regarding psilocybin are quickly changing in cities and states, check with the legality of your region. 

**In addition to weekly groups, Jeya is available for 1/2 or full day workshops in English or Spanish.

What skills will I be practicing?

Groups are highly experiential and integrate techniques that will empower your growth through effective research proven skills.

  • Meditation
  • Breath Work
  • Movement
  • Guided Imagery
  • Biofeedback and Autogenic Training (Self Hypnosis)
  • Expressive Art and Writing
  • Qi Gong

Reminding me and teaching me the tools to utilize during a very chaotic time in my life has helped me manage the moment. I am grateful!

Past Participant